Electrical Test and Tag Brisbane

Get Your Home Or Business Checked for Hidden Electrical Problems

Finding and Fixing Electrical FaultsĀ 

The best way to keep your family or workplace staff safe from undetected faults in appliances and equipment is to have an experienced electrician conduct a thorough test and tag check.

We use the best testing equipment and comprehensive inspection process to identify faulty items and arrange immediate repairs.

We offer a range of quality electrical testing services for houses, townhouses, apartments, buildings, factories, offices, retail stores, warehouses and medical offices, testing items such as:

  • Appliances
  • Three-phase equipment
  • Safety Switches (RCDs)
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Microwave Leakage
  • Power Tools
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Fire systems
  • Computers and Chargers
  • Copiers and Printers
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting
  • Extension leads
  • Powerboards
  • Transformers and More

Our testing process involves an expert technician visiting the property to do a visual inspection for any sign of wear and tear to the guards, covers, cords and insulation, then testing for leakage, polarity and earth resistance using the best electrical testing equipment.

Once our testing is completed, we will compile a thorough report with the list of items checked with photographs, highlighting any which have failed and outlining what repairs are required.

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Residential Testing and Tagging

We use electricity to power up our homes and electrical appliances of all shapes and sizes.

Damage or faults can occur for various reasons and, if left undetected, can potentially cause a deadly electrical house fire or even an electric shock.

As a homeowner, you can avoid potential electrical hazards around the home by having us test your appliances, computers, circuits, switchboards and any areas of concern while you wait.

If our testing uncovers any electrical issues, we will discuss them with you and highlight them on our written report with any rectification costs.

Commercial Test and Tag

Ensuring the visitors on your premise and staff are protected against injury from electricity is mandatory.

Still, in many cases, commercial business owners aren’t aware of the new OHS regulation 4.37 and the requirement to regularly test all electrical equipment to remain compliant.

By not testing, you expose yourself and the business to potential legal ramifications if someone is killed or injured.

Let us help your business get up to speed with the regulations and guidelines set out by Safe Work Australia with thorough test and tagging of appliances, machinery and equipment, repairs and effective record keeping.

Getting Started


Our test and tagging services can be tailored to suit the requirements of your business or for your family home for peace of mind.

We can help with electrical testing before moving into a new property or leaving an existing one, or as part of regular electrical maintenance.

Our service does not create any mess to clean up, and our team will quietly and efficiently move around your property without causing any disruption to the occupants.

We provide a test and tag Brisbane service and a Sunshine Coast test and tag service

If you would like to discuss your requirements in advance, please call 0401 933 027, or if you would like to book a suitable time, please send us a few details about your property and the day and time that would suit you, and we’ll come back to you with confirmation as soon as we can.