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We design and install solar panel systems for your roof, so you can generate your electricity from the natural sunlight to reduce your energy bills and become more self-sufficient.

With yearly average temperatures of 29 degrees and almost 7 hours of sunshine per day, the climate in Brisbane couldn’t be more suitable for solar power generation.

But to get the best solar package for your property and one that will save you energy costs and produce the most value for your money, it’s wise to talk to experienced solar installers like Savelect.

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New Installations

As leading solar panel installers on Brisbane’s northside, we provide personalised solar solutions for homeowners and commercial building owners.

We take the time to inspect your property and understand the electricity demands to ensure we recommend the right system that will do the job and save you money well into the future.

Whether you are building new or own an existing property, we take care of everything.

As licensed electrical contractors, we do the entire setup ourselves without outsourcing anything. Rest assured, we only recommend solar products and solar deals from trusted manufacturers, using the best materials tried and tested in the Queensland climate.

Any installation we perform is supported by a solid manufacturer’s warranty and our excellent after sales support.

Supply and Install Costs

Solar panel installation has become more affordable due to newer solar technologies, increased manufacturer competition, government incentives, and better design and installation techniques.

Whilst many factors can influence the cost of solar, it mostly comes down to the size and the number of panels installed, followed by the brand, roof height, working access and the type of solar inverter installed. 

Any solar power system we recommend will factor in the size, shape and orientation of the building and what appliances or features such as swimming pools, sheds, air conditioning and machinery will be using power.

There are many solar brands advertised, and like anything, you get what you pay for, which is why we like to use brands known for their reliability and low maintenance.

We take a middle of the road approach, recommending quality products that are clean energy council approved and have been around and proven themselves in the local Brisbane climate.

As an initial guide, the estimated cost to install solar in Brisbane is:

  • Small homes: 5kW unit with approximately 15 solar panels are $3,500 – $5,000
  • Small to mid-sized homes: 6.6kW-7.7kW with 18-25 panels are $4,200 – $7,000
  • Mid-sized to large homes: 10kW with around 30 panels is $5,000 – $9,000
  • Large Properties: 20kW – 30kW and anywhere from 60-100 panels is $9,000 – $18,000

We can also help with Tesla Powerwall installation and other solar batteries, an extra component that allows you to store away excess energy created for use when your panels aren’t producing electricity, such as during the nighttime.

Solar Panel Maintenance

When you own a property with solar already installed, regular maintenance will extend its lifespan and allow maximum electricity generation all year round.

Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the size of the building and the type of solar, we can come out once or twice a year to test for any faults. We also inspect for wear and tear, checking all the parts to ensure everything is working correctly and identifying and fixing any potential issues in advance.

We offer affordable solar maintenance packages for residential homes and commercial businesses around Brisbane regardless of which solar company originally installed it or the status of your certificate of warranty.

Professional Solar Repairs

If your electricity bills haven’t been reduced or you have recurring problems with your electricity outside your retailer, there could be undetected damage to the panels. There could also be damage to the solar inverter, loose wires, other obstructions or potential issues.
Our technician can repair cracks, hot spots, corrosion, discolouration on the panels, solar inverters, wiring, and monitoring services for all makes and brands.
Savelect can perform expert repairs and run thorough tests to diagnose any hidden problems to ensure your solar works to its maximum capacity.

Upgrades and Alterations

If your electricity consumption has outgrown your existing solar, or you’ve recently purchased a new property in Brisbane with an old one and want to know if you can make it bigger and better? The answer is yes, but with some conditions.

We must first investigate whether the proposed upgrades will comply with your chosen network electricity provider requirements and state regulations.

Any expansion or addition needs to be fully integrated to work with the existing setup, including the panels, batteries, or inverter. Our installers will first undertake a detailed inspection before recommending any upgrades.

How Solar Works

The most common panel type includes photovoltaic cells that convert light into electrical energy.

This process is known as photoelectric conversion. When this occurs, electrons move through the cell and produce electricity. For a solar system to work effectively, there needs to be enough sunlight hitting the panel to generate sufficient electricity.

The following video provides further information regarding how solar energy works and why it is an excellent option for homeowners looking to lower their monthly utility bills.

Benefits of Going Solar

 Solar energy is generated without directly creating greenhouse gas emissions and without burning fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment. Sunlight is also a renewable energy source, which will never run out. Therefore, by creating clean energy, you permanently reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are located in Brisbane, QLD, you could benefit from generous federal government solar rebate incentives. The two main incentives are STCs (small scale technology certificates) and FiTs or feed-in tariffs, which provide you with a regular solar rebate.

STCs are tradable certificates for installing a renewable energy source, which allow you to trade for a reduction in upfront costs or even a cash payment. FiTs are regular payments to you for the electricity your solar creates and feeds back into your electricity retailer’s supply grid, reducing your energy bills.

In summary, the benefits of moving to solar include:

Helps you become more self-sufficient

Reduce carbon emissions from your property

Creating your own renewable energy source

Feed-in tariffs can reduce your energy bills by 75% or more

Future-proof against Brisbane’s rising electricity costs

A Solar package can pay for itself within 4-5 years

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Since the beginning of the solar boom in the 2000s, Savelect has provided quality solar services for residential and commercial property owners across Brisbane.

We are highly experienced solar providers and have built a strong reputation for our reliability and workmanship within the solar industry. We are insured, licensed and qualified with over 20 years of experience.

If you would like more information on solar panel installation, solar packages, or help with a solar service for an existing system in the Brisbane area, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.