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Have an Electrical Emergency?

Our emergency electrician service has an exceptional record when it comes to getting the job done around Brisbane’s northern suburbs.

Our team is prompt, professional and are experts at diagnosing and fixing electrical faults.

Electrical failures can present an instant danger for people if the problem isn’t attended to quickly.

In many cases, the issue isn’t an obvious one, but an experienced electrical contractor will perform a comprehensive inspection of your property to eliminate any risks for those using the building.

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What Emergency Electricians Can Do 

  • Make safe any exposed wiring
  • Repair electrical circuits damaged by storms and flooding
  • Replace or repair switchboards and fuse boxes
  • Fix faulty power point and lighting outlets
  • Identify the cause of unusual electrical smells
  • Repair safety switch failures
  • Resolve machinery and appliance electrical faults
  • Offer assistance not provided by power authorities
  • Repair electrical sparking from equipment
  • Find and fix hazardous electrical faults
  • Restore power to your property 
  • Diagnose and fix any hot water tank electrical issues
  • Disconnect & repair wired smoke and security alarms
  • Perform network cable and telecommunications repairs
  • Make safe fire damaged wires and cabling
  • Fix blown or flickering domestic or commercial lighting

    When to Book a Call Out

    Living in Brisbane, we are often affected by powerful seasonal storms that can take down the power to your property and those around your neighbourhood. Power outages and downed power lines are common and if this has happened to you, your first call needs to be to your electricity company as it’s their responsibility to get your power restored as quickly as possible at no charge to you.

    If your circumstances are isolated to your property alone, and you notice strange metallic burning smells, you see lights flickering, sparks or, you hear crackling noises, these are all warning signs you cannot ignore.

    Unnoticed electrical faults are a common cause of house fires, so before it gets out of hand, be safe and call an emergency electrician who can identify and fix any problems well in advance.

    Whatever you do, don’t start looking around trying to identify the problem as this is when people lose their lives. Rather be safe and book an emergency call out with Savelect.

    What to do in an Emergency

    If you come across fallen power lines or the mains power has been severed from your property in a storm, call 000 straight away. It is also necessary to call your electricity provider and notify the police. No matter what the electrical emergency, keep other people well away from the location.

    If someone has been electrocuted do not touch them until you have turned the power off first. You can separate the injured person from live wiring and cabling with a non-conductive item such as a broomstick and call the emergency services as soon as possible.

    Preventing Electrical Hazards

    We regularly service our cars to prevent breakdowns, so the way we look at maintaining the electrical side of our properties shouldn’t be treated any differently. Most electrical emergencies can be avoided with regular testing and basic maintenance as well as understanding the most important things to do in an emergency.

    Regular Checkup

    Get appliances or equipment checked at home or place of business every year. We provide a test and tag service using specialised equipment to identify any underlying issues in advance.

    Replace Old Items

    Don’t hold onto those old appliances. Replace them with new energy-efficient appliances. The replacement cost compared to your health and safety should be non-negotiable.

    Watch, Listen & React

    If you see any loose wires, cables, sockets or light fittings, or you notice sparking or strong metal smells, don’t put it off to tomorrow, have it looked at sooner rather than later.

    Prevent Overloading

    Ensure your switchboard can handle additional appliances and equipment such as air conditioning. Overloading a switchboard can also cause serious problems such as fire, so having them replaced or upgraded is well worth the cost.

    If Unsure, Don't Cut Into It

    Renovating a property can be highly rewarding but also hazardous. Don’t cut into or knock down walls or ceilings unless you are completely sure there is no electrical wiring behind it. If in doubt, be safe and talk to an electrician first.

    Know How To Turn It Off

    Know how to turn all the power off (and on) at your switchboard, especially for emergencies and power outages during storm season. Understand the basics of circuits, so you can switch on or off what you need to, instead of everything.

    Get Help Today

    To understand more about electrical hazard prevention for your home or place of business, please talk to our friendly team.

    If you are facing an electrical emergency right now, or believe you have a potentially unsafe situation requiring the services of an emergency electrician in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, please call us on our after hours number: 0401 933 027

    We will come out, identify and fix the issue, and restore safety and power to your property, quickly and efficiently.

    You can count on our experience to get you up and running again.